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Teh Doctor

the plot thickens

Life is being good to me.

Things just got a whole lot more interesting around here.

As you may or may not know, my parents are having the master bathroom remodeled. It’s about a month into renovation, and all we’re waiting on now is our cabinet guy to give us the finished product to install.

Mark (the cabinet guy) is a bit of a free spirit, you could say. The three times he’s been to our house he’s been hours late, and then he always stays longer to chat. Still, he’s a really nice guy, though I hadn’t personally met him before last night (I’d heard previous conversations). I was introduced, and my father mentioned that I was the ‘piano girl’. Apparently Mark had made a comment about how nice my piano was. Of course, he insisted on hearing me play (and, unlike certain other family friends I could speak of, he actually meant it). I played a piece decently—alright, so I forgot the very last chord, but it’s always funny when I do that—and he seemed genuinely impressed. Then he informed me that he’s also a recording artist, and that he’s been signed by two major labels and has an album that is (apparently) going to be released worldwide.

Eee. Meegee.

I assume he’s not kidding me. He’s not that kind of guy—I mean, he’s got a more innocent manner to him. He makes fun at himself. He’s a strong Christian, and he just doesn’t strike me as the sort of person to get amusement for fooling a teenage girl.

So anyway. I will continue with the assumption that what he says is true. He gave me a copy of the album he’s working on (which I haven’t listened to because…?) and asked me if I’d be interested in writing and performing a track with him.

I was, like, omg totally! (OK, so my actual response was, “Sure!”, but isn’t it fun to hear my thoughts before they hit the Immaturity Filter?) We’ll see if that happens or not. I warned him that I don’t write music, but he was cool with that—apparently he thinks I definitely could. Kinda funny, actually—pretty much every composer I’ve met has been utterly convinced that I will some day write music. I will be amused if that is indeed true one day…

Well, Mark’s fun-ness doesn’t stop there. We got to talking about music some more, and he asked me what I intend to do with my ‘talent’. I don’t plan on making a career of music, though I would like to keep it up, perhaps making some extra spending money by playing at weddings and other such events. He asked me what I want to do; I told him that it’s my dream to be a writer. He got intense. What sort of writer? Uhhh, fiction—science fiction, specifically, though I could see branching out.

Then he told me he’s a male model for the covers of romance novels (and yes, he does know Fabio—Mark’s the lower budget alternative, apparently) and knows many people connecting with huge publishing companies. Sure, he’d give me contacts if I wanted!

The male model thing I’ve been able to confirm on google. Yup, there’s Mark standing next to a female author and the book cover.

All hail the cabinet maker!



So you don't know me, but I came across your account and I found this a really amusing story. :)

Re: lol

I know you now, and I'm thrilled someone finds me amusing. xD