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Teh Doctor

the fangirl's gonna disappear for awhile

Yes, that's right--my school year starts up tomorrow. In addition to the horrors that come with High School (even though I'm homeschooled), I still have to do two hours or more of piano a day--all for only one hour on the computer. Plus I've recently volunteered for a good many things over at theforce.net (Star Wars fansite, for all wondering).

So I'll poof for a bit. My updates aren't that wonderful, anyway. I'll still read my Friends Pages, and I'll still collect icons at an unhealthy rate.

Tata for now.
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Awwwww!Well take care and try to enjoy of your classes again *g*

Bless you!

I'm also having trouble. It doesn't rain in problems, it just pours.

Still, things can only get better!