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Teh Doctor

Masters of Science Fiction

So there's a new show on ABC: Masters of Science Fiction. It is to my understanding that every week they have an hour-long episode based on a different sci-fi short story every week.

Sounds like my sort of show!

I watched it last night (the 11th, for reference), and it was...

Boring. Sort of sappy, with a slow plot and an unsatisfying ending.

What went wrong? And yes, there's a SPOILER WARNING on this post.

I honestly can't say, as I haven't read the novel that the show was based on--but I'd like to blame it on that. Were the 'things' angels or aliens? Was the author trying to say that all the different forms of 'god' were, in fact, just one diety? Is that person then an alien, or just a spiritual, supernatural being? Was this a political commentary? 

And why didn't the Chinese guy look Chinese?

The show was just a letdown. They could have done so much better!

I retain a bit of hope for the next episode--yes, I will watch it--but I kinda figure that ABC threw out what it considered its best for the pilot episode, to hook people.

...Do I want to see how much worse it can get?

Well, it does restate one thing in my mind:

Nobody does TV like the BBC!