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Fangirling & Ranting & Such

This journal does not help my claim to sanity.

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1: In the style or manner of
2: resembling


A rabid breed of human female who is obesessed with a fictional character, an actor, a band/singer, or possibly all of the above. The natural habitat of a fangirl is the internet, where only the very few moderators can control the fangirls' expressions of glee over their chosen fandom(s). Fangirls do not mate, as they are too preoccupied with pinning up posters of the Fandom on their walls to focus on the less desirable mortal males. Fangirls come in many different varieties, most of which are non-lethal. The Fangirl Classification System is as follows:

--Pseudo Fangirl: this species is not to be considered dangerous at all. Common fandoms of this species include Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and High School Musical. The 'fangirls' in this category do little more then squee and spout off nonsense, proving they know little more about their fandom than what their fandom looks like. Ignoring this category is suggested if you care to preserve your sanity. This appears to be the most common form of fangirl, giving all fangirls a bad rep.

--Casual Fangirl: the most sane of all the fangirls, this sort can be easily conversed with. While they enjoy their fandoms, they do not feel compelled to constantly speak of their fandoms, nor do these fangirls giggle compulsively when the name of their fandom is mentioned. Usually well-versed, but not stalker-ish, these fangirls are a pleasure for the fandom/creator of fandom to meet.

--Hyper Fangirl: feasting on M&Ms and Mountain Dew, this is the class of fangirl outputting the most fanfiction/fanart. This breed feeds while rabidly clicking on various Paint Shop Pro tools or while pondering the name of their latest fanfic character. Known for spamming up message forums with their creations, these fangirls know they're insane and they bask in the status, as others put virtual awards on them to keep them non-angsty.

--Lethally Devoted Fangirl: WARNING: ENCOUNTER WITH THIS SPECIES CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY HARM POSSIBLY FOLLOWED BY DEATH. The most dangerous of all the fangirls, this version is coldly calculating, but beyond the point of sanity. Closet shrines are perhaps the most obvious characteristic of the lethally devoted fangirl. Merely the mention of their fandoms' name brings a certain psychotic glint to their eye as they lurk in anticipation of what you will say of the fandom. If it is good, they may glomp you and try to make you into a minion on the fansite they have created. If you say something bad, you will cause the eternally devoted fangirl to argue without stop, staying up past midnight without the assistance of coffee as they write out essays on why your dislike of their fandom makes you an idiot. If you happen to encounter a lethally devoted fangirl, you should refrain from making eye contact while backing away slowly. If this does not work, experts advise to point off into the distance and say you see their fandom. If, by chance, YOU happen to be said fandom, you are doomed.</i>

Personally, I consider myself to be a cross-breed. The above bit I wrote myself, with the first two lines shamelessly pirated from Urban Dictionary (the rest is original, though. Claim as your own work and be smited). Want to correct me or add comments? Please do! I'd love to have more imput on my definition.

My name is Lia, and yes, I am quite the fangirl, with three major fandoms (
Blackheart from Ghost Rider; Nine from Doctor Who; Thrawn from Star Wars) and many sub-fandoms. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra can't technically count as a fandom, for I am too much in awe of them to fangirl. They're too darn cool for fangirls. O_O

Anyway, I don't post in my journal nearly as often as I should. Sometimes I'm busy, sometimes I just don't think about it, but most of the time I'm just lazy. If you want to comment, though, I promise I'll eventually read it and get back to you. There's only so much time I can spend searching for icons of Christopher Eccleston, after all...

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