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Jul. 16th, 2007

Teh Doctor

my love of NINE

Six months ago, I didn't really know that Doctor Who existed. Certainly, I had heard it mentioned among my British friends, but 'twasn't popular enough over here for me to have been made aware of it's glory.

Our PBS station happened to start airing Season One of the New Who the same week a certain English friend encouraged me to see if I could find an episode to watch, saying that, given my love of Star Wars, I'd adore Doctor Who. I missed the first episode, Rose, but was lucky enough to jump in at episode two, The End of the World. It was odd, with slightly psychic paper and a blue box of which I didn't know the purpose of. There were trees as aliens, something I found cheesy. But when the Doctor smiled, he won my heart over.

It is about three months later, I suppose, give or take a few weeks. I have diligently watched the next episode every Saturday night at eight, obsessively taping it when I was on vacation, then fretting because my VCR clock is fast, resulting in the last three minutes of Doctor Who Confidential being cut off on my tape (I actually set the VCR to tape an extra thirty minutes, which is a good thing, else that pesky clock would have caused me to miss most of the episode entirely!). I am going to ask for a Dalek figure and a sonic screwdriver model for my birthday. I mutter 'fantastic!' whenever possible. I am, true to my username, a fangirl of this show. 

But it always lurked at the back of my mind: the knowledge that Nine would, eventually, be gone. Reading the Doctor Who wiki page that first night after I had seen The End of the World, I of course noticed that there was a Tenth Doctor, so I've never had the expectation to see Nine in more then thirteen episodes. I had a sort of mental countdown going, figuring out how much more new material there was left for me to see of my Doctor. I knew how he died, and I knew what his last line would be.

But somehow his death has hit me just as hard as if I hadn't known it was coming.

Jul. 10th, 2007

Teh Doctor

(no subject)

So I recently accepted a challenge from a roleplaying buddy of mine. She said that there was no such thing as a likeable Mary Sue (perfect character). I said I could make one if I tried. I did indeed try, writing up a quick one-page introduction for a Gary Stu character. My friend chose a normally n00b-dominated genre, School of the Gifted, just to make it a bit harder for me.

This is a simple, neopets roleplaying style introduction. Neopet users do not, you see, like list introductions of any sort, so you have to fit basic character details into a few short paragraphs. 

Feedback is much appreciated on this, positive and negitive. I really need to know what folks think of this character.


Jul. 4th, 2007

Teh Doctor

Journal Layouts?

It's shameful for me to admit, but I know absolutely nothing about CSS/HTML coding on this site.

I have failed miserably in my attempts to create a custom layout for myself. Neopets I can do, but this confuzzles me. >_<

So, being the shameless little beggar that I am, I am going to put a request out there for some coding tutorials. *bats eyes* Or, possibly... A custom premade layout? *more eyelash batting*

I'm not lazy, I'm resourceful! xD

As well, links to any premade LJ sites would be much appreciated, as well. If I can read through the coding, I can get a feel for this system. ;D
Teh Doctor

(no subject)

Recently I ventured into the Outer Banks area of North Carolina on vacation. Overall it was a pleasant trip, but there were some interesting incidents I thought it might be nice to highlight in my journal.

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