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Teh Doctor

I'm bored. And I really feel the need to post something. This blog looks so lonely and forelorn! =(

I must post in list form. Otherwise, it bothers me. Yes, I am slightly obsessive compulsive.

Real Life:

-Relatives: My mother's family has some serious issues. It would take hours for me to type up complete backstories and attempt explinations for their irrational behavior. And, for that matter, it would take hours to type up all the annoying/sickening things that they've done just in the past week. Yes, it's that bad. Let me just put it this way: whatever they can do to hurt my mother and her sister, they will. Which makes her an emotional wreck, which makes the house dysfunctional, which makes my life temporary hell.

-Shopping: It ain't fun when you're 5'0" with small bust and curvy hips. And very broad shoulders, and a long torso. O_o I rarely find anything at ALL to buy, and then when I do, I'm only buying it because it fits and I HAVE to wear SOMETHING--not because I like it much. Though I did find some lovely silver bracelets today, twelve for seven USDs. Not bad, not bad at all.

-School: Yeah, I'm homeschooled, and, while I like it most of the time, it's always frustrating when we try to transition from summer to fall. I want everything meticulously planned out. I need a schedule! My mother's much more of a free spirit, putting too much (IMO) responsibility on me. Yes, it's my education--but she agreed to be the teacher when she decided to school me at home. I feel like she's not taking on enough of that role.

-Friends: It's not all bad news. My friend Sarah and I continue to grow closer. And I've finally gotten her hooked on Doctor Who--I am insanely jealous of the fact that with a bit of makeup she'd make a nice Rose Tyler lookalike. My OTHER friend is currently writing (another) novel, this time with me as a character. It's great brainstorming together--I like his basic plotline, and he seems to love my suggestions. He's even going to ask me to do a bit of manuscript editing, something I'm sure that I'll love. Who knows? Maybe he'll be satisfied enough with this novel (he trashed his last one) to actually attempt to get it published. Miss Lia could be famous! xD

-OCD: As I said earlier, I've started to become a bit obsessive compulsive about certain things. Even my parents remark on it. Mostly having extreme order to scheduling. Oh, and dark pens. I've become obsessive about writing with nothing but an 'Expresso' pen. O_o It physically bothers me to do math homework with a pencil.

Internet Life:

-Role-playing: I am getting so totally overwhelmed by the demands on my time, that it's not even that fun anymore. Which sucks. I've got three big roleplays going on, and I've had to hand my character off to someone else in one of them--first I went  to youth camp, then I thought I was immediately going to Florida, then I thought I was going to Florida the NEXT week, and now I'm just totally confused. I'm missing participating, but I'm not missing getting yelled at by the parential units because I'm taking too long finishing up a role-play post. Urg.

-Freewebs: So I signed up as fangirlesque--only I misspelled it then banged my head on the wall for an hour trying to figure out why the hell I kept getting error messages. I feel extraordinarily stupid. If I ever get a chance, I might set up a site there (currently I'm just joined for a certain forum), but I'm not sure if it'd be worth the time for the amount of traffic I'd receive--namely, close to none.

-LiveJournal: It's so fun, and it's so huge, and so complex!!! The amount of users overwhelms me a bit--all the details of lives, all the protocols, all the cliques--but I suppose I'll just learn to adjust. In time, with considerably more activity here. Again, time is such an issue--if I want to save icons, I can't read fanfiction. If I want to post to my journal, I can do NOTHING else. If I read my friends page, I can't search for more friends--etc.


-Vampires: So I've got this lovely idea for a novel floating about in my head. I've been developing it over the past month or so, and it really seems like I may start writing this one. I've got so much planned out, and I know the characters so intimately, that it seems almost wrong not to write it. Yes, there are vampires. And yes, they will be love. In other vampirical news, I cannot freaking believe that Eclipse is out already. AHHHHH!!!!! Where have I been? Not at a bookstore, that's for certain! I haven't even read the latest Star Wars novel yet, and that's been out for some two months! Must...make...priorities...!

-Doctor Who: No Doctor Who in several weeks = Lia going though painful withdrawl. I recently made an...odd...Dalek cartoon thing. About how the Doctor would prefer extermination to...something. *evil laughter* I've scanned it, but I haven't digitally colored it yet. This is one thing that I will be posting. =D

-The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: I just read the first book last week, and behold! New sci-fi obsession! Marvin the Paraniod Android = love. In a very odd way. I guess it just continues the trend of me picking the oddest fandoms. Oh, and I'm very ticked off at LJ for not allowing me to list the book as an interest. <_< I'll have to figure out what the hip, shorter slang is, and post that instead...

-Icons: They are officially a fandom now. I think they actually became a fandom when I realized I had over two hundred of the things, buuuuuuuut we can safely say that with over five hundred icons, I need rehab.


Hehee maybe your LJ needs also a header *winks*

As they say - the family is the worst!

Home school - oooh!I have never known anyone who would take place home school.How long your "school days" are normally per day?

LJ is indeed awesome place *is hooked*

Userpics - oh I'm totally obsessed when it comes to icons! *sings* "He’s tried to make me go to rehab,I wont go, go, go..."
Header coding = one more thing to figure out. xD

It depends--usually I start at eight and finish somewhere around five, but that includes two horus of piano.