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Teh Doctor


So I'm currently taking on the daunting task of reorganizing and renaming pretty much every photo on my computer.
Files are being combined, deleted, and otherwise edited, and my Photobucket account is getting quite the makeover, too.

The first hour or so was fun. Organizing makes me feel accomplished and powerful. xD
Three hours into this, and I'm kicking myself for being lazy/stupid when first saving these files.

See, I had this period--I call it the Dark Ages--where I knew I liked icons but didn't know correct protocol when using them. I didn't credit, didn't comment, and was a general brat about it all. I obsessively saved and immediately forgot the source--though, to my credit, I never have claimed an icon as my own; I'm simply not dishonest like that.

So now I have literally hundreds of files that I love but cannot use. I don't know where they've come from. Sometimes I have an idea, but when I go to the suspected user's journal, I've found that they've edited their posts and keywords, making it impossible to find. Now I'm forced to search through other people's user icons, in hopes of finding that they have the same icons that I do, and that they've retained the needed credit. (So far, this has worked a bit. But there's still a long way to go.)

And I'm being driven crazy by it all. Beautiful icons are getting thrown out by the dozens because I'm utterly overwhelmed.

Sigh. At least I've learned by now.

Never again is an icon saved by any other name then USERNAMEOFMAKER! And never again is it saved in the wrong folder!

For I am determined not to put my brain through this again!


If it makes you feel any better, I had some dark ages myself. When you're like 15, you find the icon and want it. I've never actually "stolen" an icon before, as in claim it as my own creation, but I didn't credit either. You my dear are not alone.
Oh thank the gods.
But I'm all better now.
I finally got 98% of them identified.
Yays for Lia!